You’re Doing it Wrong – How to Grow Cucumbers the Right (Vertical) Way

You’re Doing it Wrong – How to Grow Cucumbers the Right (Vertical) Way

Growing cucumbers seems to be easy for many people. There are also some who can’t seem to get the seeds to come up out of the ground. Cucumbers are a delicious treat that can be put on a salad, consumed with a little salt and vinegar and even turned into pickles.

There is a way to grow cucumbers that will likely deliver more results than what you would see if they were left to grow on the ground.

When you allow cucumbers to grow in a vertical nature, it saves space and they are allowed to extend so that they get as large as they can. You want to find a location that has a lot of sunshine. Don’t plant them outside until the last freeze of the season is over.

Get a trellis so that the vines can grow on it, which will mean that the cucumbers will begin to grow in the vertical nature. This means that there won’t be as much space taken up on the ground, allowing for other plants to be grown as well. Water the plants on a regular basis as they need a good bit of moisture. Pick them when they are bright green to get the best flavors.

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