Young Punk Shoves Man Aside To Rob Store. But Keep Your Eye On the Man In The Hat

Mansfield, TX – On June 26, a young hoodlum by the name of Dylan Bearden attempted to rob a grocery store clerk at knife point. The 19-year-old was looking to score some easy money and thought too highly of his ability to rob people. Bearden walked straight up to the cash register while shoving aside some local yokel in the process of menacing the cashier and demanding the register’s contents.

However, the young millennial didn’t realize that Daniel Gaskey, the man he so easily shoved aside, was a firefighter. Not only does Gaskey keep fit as a firefighter, but he is also a Marine. Anyone knowing something about the US Marines will know that soldiers these days undergo the same intensive boot camp that prepped young men to go battle in World War II. Needless to say, Marines are trained better than any other branch of service.

It only took Gaskey seven seconds from the time he was shoved aside to: assess the threat level from the assailant, pounce on him, and subdue him to the floor. For his troubles, Bearden faces a felony aggravated robbery charge. The term “aggravated” in the charge equates to several years longer in a prison/probation sentence.

Still, Fireman Gaskey showed respect to the misdirected young man; he even counseled him as he held him down awaiting the arrival of law enforcement. Gaskey even eschews any talk of him being a hero. In actuality, he considers himself just another good citizen. He is even imploring the Good Lord on Bearden’s behalf.

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