Young Horse Pesters A Man – Watch What She “Asks For” When He’s Finally Paying Attention…

If you have ever had an itch in a spot you could not reach, you know how frustrating that can be. You are forever grateful when you find something to relieve that itch, such as a tool, a wall or a special friend. One horse was lucky enough to get her friend to scratch her itch in the best way ever.

Whenever this chocolate filly sees her friend in the fields, she makes her way over to him for a good rub down. Her favorite place for a rigorous scratching is none other than her behind. To let her friend know the exact spot she would like scratched, she just backs up into him and waits.

Laughing, he dutifully obliges and gets to work. But, each time he stops and backs away, the horse lets him know she is enjoying this too much to be finished. She simply backs up further until she is by his hands again and urges him to continue.

Her friend scratches her butt a few more times and tries to walk away. This time, the horse not only chases after him but she gives him a little kick in his behind to show her displeasure that her rub down has ended.

The man is both shocked and amused. But, when the filly is looking for someone to scratch her itch later, he will surely be there waiting to help.

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