You’ll Never Guess The Secret Ingredient Of This Grilled Cheese Sandwich! Mouth is Watering…

Grilled cheese is a classic sandwich. It’s easy, it’s inexpensive, it’s delicious, and it’s one of the prime examples of comfort food. Few things can top the gooey goodness of a grilled cheese sandwich fresh out of the frying pan. However, the classic grilled cheese sandwich actually can be taken up a notch. That’s what you can see in one of the latest videos to go viral on the internet.

You might think this grilled cheese tutorial video will show you how to add some type of strange and delicious fillings to your grilled cheese. For example, one popular outlet just advertised how to make grilled cheese with asparagus, provolone, and a splash of pesto.

It turns out this video actually doesn’t do that. Instead, this internet video takes grilled cheese to the next level. The secret isn’t about adding ingredients to your grilled cheese sandwich. The secret is using the existing ingredients for a grilled cheese sandwich in a unique way.

In the video, you see our hero making a grilled cheese sandwich the traditional way. He begins by spreading two slices of white bread with butter. However, the kicker is that our hero then begins to make the grilled cheese sandwich inside out! It’s true! Using grated cheese, the video shows us how to make a grilled cheese where the gooey goodness is actually on the outside of the sandwich. Does this sounds like something you want to try? The video makes it look so easy. Try it the next time you need a snack.

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