You See A Pool Full of Children, But This Lifeguard Sees Something Much Different

When you see a swimming pool full of children, you might think that they are having fun in the sun. One lifeguard doesn’t see things that way as he peers out over the pool. There are also adults in the pool. Many of the people who are in the water are on floats or splashing.

Some people don’t understand how hard the job of a lifeguard can be at times. The lifeguard has to pay attention to all areas of the water at all times. When the lifeguard sees someone who is in trouble, he must jump into action in only a matter of seconds at times. In 2012, there were over 300 children who drowned in pools across the country.

The lifeguard in this video is standing at attention on the side of the pool with a safety device in hand in the event of an emergency. While looking at a group of people swimming, the lifeguard jumps in the water.

The lifeguard swims to a child who has his arms out of the water, calling for help. People in the area didn’t notice that he was in trouble. This is the kind of emergency that lifeguards are faced with while they are on duty.

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