You Have To See Why This Deer Pops Out Of The Woods, This Is UNBELIEVABLE! OMG!

As the lives of people and wild animals draw closer and closer together, we expect confrontations of various kinds. And we do hear frightening stories of bears, cougars, and large snakes making their way into the human domain. Consider, however, this unusual confrontation between man and animal.

On a cool, overcast day not too long ago, a couple was taking a walk around Fawn Lake in Pennsylvania when they found themselves confronted by a very friendly deer. The little animal approached the man, while the woman filmed the encounter. The deer was still a youngster, and hadn’t yet learned to be afraid of people.

The man, Dave, happened to have some snacks in his pocket. It didn’t take the little deer long to figure this out. No sooner had a surprised Dave begun to stroke and caress the deer than the little guy started nuzzling Dave’s jacket and trousers’ pockets. Clearly it knew that there was something edible close at hand.

Dave reached into his pocket and gave the deer a treat. Now there was no stopping it, but it would have moreā€¦.and more! As a very surprised and delighted Dave continued to pet the little deer, the deer kept on insisting upon more treats. Finally, at Erin’s bidding, Dave held a treat up above the little animal’s head. It stood up on its hind legs, just like a puppy! To Dave’s delight, the deer not only performed a trick, but gave him a kiss as well, obviously pleased with all the attention it was getting from these affectionate and curious humans.

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