You Have To See How North Korea Just Bashed America On Its Human Rights Issues, INSANE

You Have To See How North Korea Just Bashed America On Its Human Rights Issues, INSANE

The communist regime of North Korea, long known for its human rights abuses, imprisonment without due process, lack of freedom of religion, speech, or even ownership of property, has used the ongoing racial tension in Ferguson, Missouri, to criticize the United States on its own human rights record.

Predictably, the political Left, always prone to blame the United States for its shortcomings, considers the criticisms coming from the dictatorship of North Korea to be legitimate.

While the political Left delights itself in watching illegitimate regimes such as North Korea refer to this nation as the laughing stock of the world, the Left fails to see what they are doing once more.

During the build up to the Iraq War, there was no difference between the criticisms Saddam Hussein was making against President George W. Bush and what the political Left was saying. Now, once again the Left is siding with North Korea never realizing that they, as Americans, are free to criticize and mock their own government. Were they to levy any such criticism against North Korea, they would be taken into custody during the dead of night and never heard from again.

Likewise, the Left can rage at police abuses, real and perceived, and incite protesters all without the fear of dying mysteriously as journalists suffer in Russia. While the Left points the finger of scorn at this country much as North Korea is doing, the justice department and local authorities in Ferguson conduct a thorough investigation into what happened with transparency for the general public.

In North Korea, the government would simply instruct the public as to what opinion they should adopt.

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