Wounded Marine Is Approached By A Stranger And Given A Gift That Will Change His Life Forever

In 2010 Marine Corporal Justin McLoud was out on patrol in Afghanistan when one of his sqaud members stepped on an IED. McLoud miraculously survived the explosion, though it cost him both legs and his left arm.

His return home brought the new realities of living as an amputee with his wife and young son. It was difficult to imagine something as simple as picking up his child, or holding a new puppy in his arms. However, he looked forward to a four-legged service companion to help him bridge the new challenges he would face.

Enter Sue McNamara and Nick Hall, a couple of activists who would be instrumental in changing Justin’s life. Though they were complete strangers, they heard about his sacrifice and decided to help nudge his dream along in grand fashion.

Justin and his family had been out to a local restaurant, with no idea that a camera crew and small crowd were waiting for him outside. When he made his way out of the front door, Sue and Nick had their surprise–a seven week old black lab who was all ready to meet his new family. They placed the puppy in Justin’s arms and brought his dream to life. He was completely speechless, but as happy as could be.

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