Women’s March in L.A. Draws Over 700K People – ZERO Arrests Made

Women’s March in L.A. Draws Over 700K People – ZERO Arrests Made

The Los Angeles Police Department has reported that no arrests were made during a large demonstration over the weekend. The Women’s March, which was a show of solidarity for the Women’s March on Washington, drew a crowd of about 750,000 people.

Norma Eisenman, a spokesperson for the department, said the gathering was extremely peaceful and family friendly. She added there were many children present, and everyone was having fun while exercising their freedom of speech. In Washington, D.C., where an estimated half-million people showed up to demonstrate, there were also zero arrests.

Christopher Geldart, the director of Homeland Security, said everyone who participated was respectful and cooperative. This was in contrast to the 200 arrests made after President Donald Trump’s inauguration where protestors rioted, forcing police to utilize stun grenades and pepper spray for crowd control. In addition, property was damaged, including a limousine that was burned.

The Women’s March on Washington was organized to protest the new administration’s stance on abortion and numerous issues relating to women. Other marches were held around the globe in support of the D.C. event, including on the continent of Antarctica, where a group of about 30 women wearing pink hats held up signs.

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