Woman Writes A Letter To Her Ex-Husbands New Wife. Inside? UNBELIEVABLE!

Woman Writes A Letter To Her Ex-Husbands New Wife. Inside? UNBELIEVABLE!

When a woman gets a divorce the entire process is earth shattering, nobody ever plans for a divorce and when such a thing includes children it takes everything to another level and makes moving on nearly impossible. The inevitable reality that someone is going to take your place not only as a wife but a mother as well can be gut wrenching and the only emotion that makes sense at the time is rage.

Candice Curry was placed in the role of the divorced mother with a child who she would now have to share with a stunningly beautiful, sweet and friendly new woman, her response to this situation was to simply write the new woman in her family’s life a long letter expressing her true feelings. What Candace had to so has everyone in shock and for good reason.

Candice explains in her letter what she never included Alison in her future, she explains that she never included divorce in her future either and that when she did finally have the accept reality she still never expected her husband’s wife and her daughter’s step mother to be beautiful, thoughtful and friendly. Candice goes on to express her love and respect for Alison and thanks her genuinely for being a mother to her daughter not only in her absence but even when her daughter is at home. Candice praises Alison for being an amazing woman and even an amazing wife for loving her ex husband unconditionally.

These two women have figured out how to successfully co parent and ended up becoming true friends in the process. It really is an amazing relationship to embark on and Candice has handled a very difficult situation with kindness and grace.

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