Woman Buys Locket From Thrift Store Only To Make This Shocking Discovery Inside

Items found in thrift stores are donated from individuals in the surrounding community. Each item has its own unique history and treasured story. Occasionally an item is donated with a special past that gets lost among other donated items. A thrift store in White River Junction, Vermont is trying to locate the owner of a very special locket that is one of these special items.

The locket, which is silver and heart-shaped with the words “Always in My Heart” engraved on the front, was purchased by a woman from the Listen Thrift Store. After purchasing the trinket, she opened it and discovered a small capsule that contained cremated remains inside of the locket. Realizing that the locket was more than it seemed, she turned it into the thrift store owners.

Listen Thrift Store is now trying to find the owner of the locket in order to return the keepsake. The locket is featured in a post on the thrift store’s Facebook page, along with a request for help in finding the owner of the locket. It is believed that the locket was accidentally donated.

The picture of the locket, along with the request for help from Listen Thrift Stores, has gone viral with over 1,600 shares of the post. It has also been featured on local news programs throughout the country and in nationally-read newspapers. Viewers are encouraged to share the post in order to find the owner. Those with information are encouraged to call Merilynn of Listen Thrift Stores, at (603)448-4553.

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