Woman Bathes Her Cat When She Hears Something Unbelievable – So She Films THIS!

It’s a well-known fact that most cats hate water, but sometimes, giving your cat a bath is unavoidable. Most cat owners are familiar with the struggle washing a cat who doesn’t want to get wet. A hilarious viral video shows a cat protesting during her bath, and her meows sound surprisingly like human words.

The 30-second video features a small brown cat in a metal bathtub. The cat, soaking wet and covered in suds, looks miserable and meows loudly in protest. From behind the camera, the cat’s owner says, “No more?” The cat meows again, but this time, the meow sounds like the phrase “no more.”

The owner repeats, “No more?” and the cat replies with her meowing version of “no more.” The two go back and forth a few more times during the conversation, and the cat continues to make her “no more” meow.

The video has been viewed more than 3.5 million times since it was posted in 2015. Thousands of people have commented expressing their amazement at the cat’s “words” and sharing similar stories of their pets acting like humans. Whether this cat actually learned the phrase “no more” or her meows were just coincidental, the video was completely adorable.

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