Woman Approaches Police Car, Shocked By What Follows

Woman Approaches Police Car, Shocked By What Follows

Georgia resident Kendra Powell was driving to work in the early morning hours when she saw a state trooper parked on the shoulder of the highway. The police car’s trunk was open, and Powell thought the officer might be in trouble. She pulled up to him and asked him if he needed any help.

Powell said she felt a bit afraid because racial tensions between citizens and police have been high in her part of the country, and the officer in question was white. He surprised her by smiling and said he was just cleaning his windows. He showed Powell the product he was using, and she told him he made a good choice.

The officer then offered to wash Powell’s car windows, and although she was very surprised, she agreed. While the officer was doing this, another car pulled up with en elderly couple inside. They requested to have their windows cleaned, too.

When the elderly couple tried to pay the officer, he refused and asked them to say a prayer instead. Powell, the couple and the officer then stood on the side of the road, holding hands and praying. Kendall said it was a very moving moment and an excellent start to her day. She added that love can do amazing things when people put aside their differences.

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