With Powerful Oscar’s Ad, Hyatt Hotels Teaches Trump “HUUGE” Lesson

There was a lot of political discourse, and message-sending going on Sunday night at the Oscar’s. Not just at the ceremony by the actors and actresses, directors and producers, composers, and film industry workers (who outrighthate the man and everything he and his regime stand for), but also in the commercial advertisements shown between awards. One commercial, produced by Hyatt, featured people of all origins and races, highlighting how, despite the fact that we are all different, we are still united – even though we come from different backgrounds, we still share many of the same struggles.

This country is divided. And Hyatt’s commercial showed the importance for people to work together, put aside our petty differences. The idea that one race is better than any other is dangerous garbage, ugly, sinister horrible propaganda propagated by hateful people in powerful places.

This video has been posted on YouTube. It has been viewed over 113,000 times. The video has the hashtag #aWorldofUnderstanding.

The video has received some interesting responses. One called the commercial, “exactly what the world needs”. Another described it as “beautiful”, and said they were touched by it.

“It is nice to see a big corporation promoting diversity.”

It is time for people to start spreading love again – there’s far too much hate in the world already. We need friendships, not rivalries. We need bridges, not walls.

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