Wild Horse Chained Up For Months – Watch His Reaction When His Savior Arrives

In Romania, it is common practice to keep a horse chained by their legs to keep it from running away. If that wasn’t bad enough already, the chains can become embedded into the horse’s skin, causing bleeding and infection.

Luckily for this horse, veterinarian Ovidiu Rosu freed its front legs from the painful chains that bound them. One YouTube commenter brings up a valid point about the dangers of chaining a horses legs together. “The horse could easily get tangled in brush or trip and fall. If the horse couldn’t get back on its feet, it would die. I hope you can help educate people in Romania about the dangers of this practice.”

After Ovidiu Rosu releases the horse from its suffering, it begins to gallop happily among the field. The horse then trots over to the veterinarian, nuzzling his face to show gratitude. It’s moments like this that make it all worth it to the veterinarians of FOUR PAWS.

FOUR PAWS has dedicated its work to saving abused animals for over twenty years. Many of the animals they save are victims of the entertainment, food, and science industries. Please, share this video to spread awareness and join the fight to end animal abuse.

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