WikiLeaks Reveals Utterly Staggering Truth About Clinton Campaign

WikiLeaks Reveals Utterly Staggering Truth About Clinton Campaign

Julian Assange and the team at Wikileaks have long been promising to “drop a truth bomb” about Hillary Clinton that will derail her campaign. Recently, they released the first of a series of emails from her advisor John Podesta. They’ve given the American public an inside look at the inner workings of her presidential bid, and have exposed some mind-blowing truths that set her apart from other candidates.

Namely, the emails have showed that her team has been running a carefully coordinated (some would even say “staged) campaign. This “dirty” strategy has ensured that she’s prepared for any attacks that come her way. It even means that when people have said that she’s “unrelatable,” her team thinks of tactics like volunteering, or working alongside common people to show them she understands their struggle.

Her team has also discussed whether or not she should acknowledge that she’s lived a relatively sheltered, financially secure life that doesn’t reflect the typical American experience. Is this the “truth bomb” that WikiLeaks promised? That she’s trying to tell the truth? If so, sign us up.

These recent developments almost seem to show that Hillary Clinton is preparing for the kind of questions and issues she will deal with when she holds the free world’s highest office. It almost seems like she’s using her years of experience in politics to shape her decisions and actions on the campaign trail.

To politically savvy readers, this might seem like “politics as usual.” Well, compared to an opponent who frequently appears to be a loose cannon, politics as usual might be just what the doctor ordered.

In the title of this article, we promised to tell you the shocking truth about the Hillary campaign, and we don’t want to let readers down. Here it is: Hillary Clinton is an astute politician who’s dedicated to making the right decisions. While her competitor seems to think it’s okay to roll into a debate and say whatever comes to mind, shockingly, Hillary believes it’s more prudent to study the issues and give common-sense answers.

Is that really the kind of person that deserves to be our President? Actually, in our opinion…yes. And, judging by opinion polls and establishment Republicans’s attempts to distance themselves from their candidate, the nation agrees too. It seems like the only group whose credibility this leak has hurt is WikiLeaks itself–weren’t they promising a leak that would “destroy” Secretary Clinton’s campaign? If this was the leak they were talking about, it seems like it was (and forgive our slightly dated slang) an epic fail.

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