Wife Told Husband This Puppy Was A Tiny Breed. Just Wait Til You See How She Got Caught In A Lie

Sue was thrilled about adopting a puppy from her local shelter. She received her husband’s blessing so long as the breed was small. Robert didn’t want a dog that required a lot of work, food, space, and money. Was he surprised by his wife’s decision!

Sue was charmed by an adorable black-and-white pup weighing just under two lbs. She knew Bear was destined for greatness, being a Boston Great Dane. However, she hid the truth of the dog’s pedigree. She told Robert that Bear was a Jack Russell Terrier. Instead of growing to an adult weight of 15 lbs, Bear would ultimately tip the scale at 210. Nine years later, Bear is now one of Britain’s biggest dogs.

Robert Markham was confused when the pooch outgrew the other village dogs. When Bear reached five months of age, Sue confessed the truth. By that time, Robert was completely in love with Bear. The gentle giant is now an integral part of the couple’s lives.

Bear’s day begins with the breakfast of champions, consisting of four scrambled eggs, four sausages, plus dog food. Between meals, he snacks on bananas, yogurt, popcorn, and milk. The cost of feeding Bear totals $60 weekly. His length spans nearly seven feet. His chest measures four feet across. Bear’s tail has the power of a baseball bat. Just one wag can clear a table.

One of Bear’s favorite pastimes is watching TV with the family. He has his own couch for this purpose. When it’s chilly outside, he wears a coat sized for a horse.

Bear has the heart of a champion as well. Last year, he adopted a stray cat seeking shelter. He welcomed the calico to his couch, and the two are now best friends. Toffee loves following Bear around and cuddling with him. Bear enjoys giving her kisses.

Wife Told Husband This Puppy Was A Tiny Breed. Just Wait Til You See How She Got Caught In A Lie

Robert now happily agrees that the adoption of Bear was a perfect match.

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