Why Is This Man Criss-Crossing His Vases With Scotch Tape? Because He’s A Genius!

Almost everybody loves getting a bouquet of gorgeous flowers from someone who loves them. After smelling the fresh floral bouquet and thanking the person for the thoughtful gift, it’s important to quickly find a vase to put the flowers in so that they can stay fresh and be displayed. If a vase is too large for the bouquet, the bouquet can end up looking sloppy and slump to one side or the other.

Luckily, there is a very simple trick that can help make a small bouquet of flowers look lovely in a vase that is too large for them. Just follow these five steps:

1) Fill the vase with water, and leave a couple of inches of room at the top.

2) Make sure the top of the vase is dry with a paper towel.

3) Using clear tape, create a lattice by placing three strips of tape across the top of the vase in one direction and three more in the opposite direction.

4) Trim the flowers to the appropriate height.

5) Place flowers in the vase through the tape lattice openings. Using a tape lattice over the top of a vase helps to separate flowers so that they make better use of space.

Even a small bouquet will look like a full flower arrangement with this easy trick. Watch the video for a video walk through of these easy steps and display your next bouquet with style!

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