Who Knew By Adding This One Ingredient To Your Crock Pot Could Make Pork Taste THIS Good

When it comes to slow-cookers, sometimes the favorite dish is a sweet one, tender slow-cooked pork. Traditional slow-cooker pork recipes often call for an array of spices or sauce to maximize their flavor. However, there’s one ingredient you’d probably never think to use for cooking pork: Soda!

Dr. Pepper can change the flavor of your favorite recipe to make it both both sweet and savory. And it is simple easy! Heres the recipe:

1 porkbutt/shoulder roast, 1 onion – sliced finely, 1 can of regular or diet Dr. Pepper, 3/4 cup of your favorite barbecue sauce Salt/pepper and garlic powder to taste toss the sliced onion in the bottom of the slow-cooker.

Massage the outside of the pork with the dry ingredients. Pour your Dr. Pepper over the meet and cook on high for 4/5 hours or low for 7/8 hours. Just leave it and let it do its sweet pork thing. Once the meat is cooked, use some forks to shred it up. The barbecue sauce is for your sandwiches and should be added to taste.

You can always put the sauce on the entire roast and let it cook for another half hour, if you like. Serve your delicious meat on some fresh rolls with a little cole slaw and dig in!

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