While Working Underwater, This Diver Got The Biggest Shock His Life. He Never Saw This Coming

If you’ve spent any time under water, then you know that there could be some things that you see that aren’t expected. There are animals that swim in the water that you don’t usually see from land, and there might be some objects that are unique. This diver was doing some work in the Gulf of Thailand when he saw an animal get a little too close for comfort.

The man was working on an oil line that was in the water when a sea turtle started swimming near him. This turtle is called a Hawksbill turtle. This is because its face looks like a hawk.

It is often found in the waters of Thailand. Some of the animal groups in the area are trying to keep the turtle from going extinct, and while there has been a decrease in the numbers of the animal, there are still some in the waters. As the man was working, the turtle appeared to be looking for food.

He could have wanted some of the debris that the man was clearing away from the pipe, or he might have wanted to take a bite of the man. The diver wasn’t injured, and he was able to capture a few pictures of the turtle while he was in the water.

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