While Making Bacon In Cabin, Stray Dog Appears And Leads This Bachelor Party To Her Lost Puppies

Mithcell Craddock is getting married. His eight groomsmen took the soon-to-be-married bachelor up into the woods of Tennessee to celebrate his last nights of freedom. They packed up the truck with some bacon and headed into the wilderness in order to be men.

These men weren’t expecting to see any women on their guys-only get away. So they were pretty shocked to see a female dog standing on the front door the first morning of the trip.

The guys thought that she was wanting some of the bacon that they were cooking. They tried to invite her into the cabin in order to share their breakfast feast. But the pooch was hesitant to step inside and it became clear that she was not interested in the protein. She was trying to give them a message, but nobody took note at the time.

The dog was named Annie and she became the official mascot of the bachelor party weekend. She was free to roam the house and the fellas were all to happy to feed her as she was malnourished. And when she rolled over for her favorite belly scratches, it became quite apparent that she had just had pups. The guys also grew very worried as her malnutrition dried up all of her milk.

As Annie regained her strength, the guys started taking her for runs. A pattern emerged during their exercise. Annie became incredibly protective over one small patch of grass while being playful anywhere else on the grounds. This led the bachelor party to a shocking discovery — Annie was hiding seven puppies in a hole in the ground near the cabin.

The fellas would like to think that she came to them in a show of friendship. After all, dogs are man’s best friend and what’s more manly than a cabin full of guys on the bachelor party? But it seems that her strategy was to get nutrition from the guys in order to feed her pups. And it seemed to work resoundingly well.

All seven puppies were in remarkably good shape because, as one bachelor party attendee put it, “The mom had given the pups literally everything she had.” It seemed that Annie was prepared to sacrifice yourself for the health of her children. Of course, the guys did not let that happen.

The tone of the bachelor party immediately changed. It went from the original whiskey swilling, party filled bachelor weekend to a calmer, more motherly vibe. Each of the axe swinging, beard growing, flannel wearing guys did their part to take care of the new canine family. The money for the bachelor party weekend quickly turned from booze and party favors into dog food and supplies. And the guys were all too happy to do it.

The fellas quickly named the seven puppies Knox, Bear, Daisy, Gunner, Brimmy, Finn, and Rose. And the numbering of the pups just happened to work out. There was Annie and her seven children while there were eight groomsmen. In the end, all eight dogs found a home with the men at the bachelor party, including the valiant mother.

It turns out that Annie’s motherly instincts were spot on. She picked the one crew of fellas that lived within a 5-mile radius of each other. She not only saved her puppies with her quick thinking, she kept her family intact as they were all adopted individually. They all still play with each other in the woods.

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