While In Foster Care Her Mom Is In Jail For 20 Years Later – But The Judge Drops A BOMBSHELL

Melissa grew up in foster care because her mother was in and out of jail. She is now 21 years-old and in the marines. Melissa is the oldest of four children. Her brothers were placed in separate homes. She had not seen them in six years, but she was determined to get custody of them.

Melissa drove 2,000 miles to meet with a judge in Alabama. She was afraid that the judge would tell her that she was too young or did not make enough money to get custody of the boys. She had no idea what to expect when she made it to Alabama. Prank It FWD surprised Melissa by giving her food for the road trip, money for gas and the first month’s rent.

The judge told Melissa that she could get custody of her brothers. When Melissa returned home with her brothers, she received another surprise. Prank It FWD gave Melissa a new car to drive her brothers in.

Prank It FWD is an organization that is committed to helping underprivileged people. The organization donates $1 to Dosomething.org for every 1,000 views it gets on the video. If a video gets one million views, then Prank It FWD will donate $1,000 to Dosomething.org.

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