While He Was Filming His Wife’s Pregnant Belly – The Unexpected Happened FAST

Babies typically start moving around in the belly between the 13th and 25th week of pregnancy. Many people have had the opportunity to feel a baby kick. Baby movement is a sign that a baby is growing and developing normally. A father-to-be decided that he was going to record the baby moving in his wife’s womb. However, the baby was a lot more active than he expected.

The mother was sitting on the couch watching a video with her husband. The baby was very active and decided to rotate around. You can even see the shape of the baby’s leg. It even appeared as though the baby had flipped upside down at one point.

The woman groaned as the baby’s moved, so it probably was not comfortable for her. The baby was stretching the mother’s skin and pushing up against her organs.

The female body undergoes a lot of changes during pregnancy in order to prepare for the arrival of the offspring. It can be very uncomfortable at times.

The video shows that pregnancy is not easy. The video has been uploaded to YouTube. It has been viewed over 440,000 times. The mother was 39 weeks pregnant at the time the video was recorded.

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