While Driving Down The Road Alone, He Saw THIS And Felt Sick To His Stomach

On New Year’s Day in Tennessee, Caleb Martin was driving down the road when he spotting something horrifying. Another man, Kenneth Clinton, shot his girlfriend, Jenna Neuman, and was trying to run her over with his car. Immediately, Caleb called the police and honked his car horn, causing Kenneth to flee from the scene.

Once the attacker was gone, Caleb helped Jenna, who was shot twice, by loading her into his car and driving her to his grandma’s house a mile away. There, they waited for the paramedics to arrive. During the 911 call, Jenna asked in the background if she was going to die. Caleb, surprisingly calm, stated that he would keep her live until the medical professionals showed up. Not only did he keep his promise, but doctors ended up saving her life.

Five miles away from the original attack, Kenneth unfortunately killed himself. Luckily, Caleb and his grandmother were with Jenna at the same time, making sure she lived to get to the hospital.

Since the attack, Jenna has not seen Caleb. However, her family reached out to him to thank him for his heroic actions and calm demeanor that saved her life. His actions haven’t been considered heroic by her own family, though. Others in the community, even officials, have applauded him on how he handled that very emotional situation.

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