While Driving A Bus, He Turns Around To See Something Very Scary. His Next Move? HERO!

Bus drivers often make the choice to care for children as they are on a bus. They monitor the students to make sure they are safe while on the way to school and on the way home.

There are also bus drivers who work for cities. They make sure people get back and forth to work and other destinations. One bus driver should be hailed as a hero because of his attention to detail.

When he picked up a man and a young boy, he noticed that the boy was crying. There was a report on the news earlier in the morning about a kidnapping. When the driver saw the boy, he suspected that he was the one on the news. The driver made up an excuse that he needed to look for a bookbag so that he could get a closer look at the child and the man.

As the driver looked at the boy’s shoes, he saw that they were the same ones given in the description on the news that morning. He called local police, and officers were able to make an arrest. They were also able to reunite the boy with his mother safely thanks to the courage of the bus driver.

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