While Bringing Her Dog Into This Shelter, A Hidden Camera Records The Unimaginable

A recent Youtube video has created a great deal of controversy after viewers tuned in to watch a woman deliver a dog to an animal shelter. It seems that this new creation of French Youtube uploader Rémi Gaillard has touched a nerve that has led to heated discussion and speculation all across the world. While some may find his creation too upsetting to view, others have already hailed him as a bold and visionary artist who is highlighting a phenomenon that deserves full discussion and subsequent action.

What Is The Controversy All About?

What is the purpose of his strange and seemingly sinister video upload, and is there more to this new video than at first meets the eye? Rémi Gaillard isn’t saying much at the moment but, in lieu of new developments, the controversy continues apace with seemingly no end in sight. While speculation remains rife on the true purpose of this upsetting new video, one thing is certain: It was designed to provoke controversy and conversation, and it has certainly attained this purpose.

Would You Donate Yourself To A Human Shelter?

The video seems to show a woman finding a lost dog and then delivering him to a shelter. However, this animal shelter is no ordinary place of temporary refuge for a lost pet. As a matter of fact, it looks positively sinister. After delivering the dog, she rounds a corner and discovers a bizarre and horrible world that looks more like Auschwitz than your garden variety animal shelter. At every point in her journey, she witnesses something terrible and thought provoking. Could it really all be true? Or just a dream?

What If Human Shelters Were Run Like Animal Shelters?

It’s terrifying to think what could befall us all if human shelters were run like animal shelters. And, in the end, perhaps that’s the very point that Rémi Gaillard was attempting to make in his controversial and disturbing new Youtube video. The woman in the video seems perplexed as she navigates through the fictional shelter, observing all manner of strange and cruel activities against her fellow human beings. Perhaps worst of all, she seems to be numb to the true extent of the horror that is swiftly unfolding all around her. Is this a true to life illustration of the human condition?

Uncomfortable Reflections On Human And Animal Neglect

While most viewers may not be looking for a quick reminder of the prevalence of cruelty and thoughtlessness that exists in our day to day world, this Youtube video will certainly furnish them with one. Of course, the scenario described in the video is exaggerated. Most animal (and human) shelters aren’t quite so nakedly cruel in their operations. But the video should serve as a handy wake up call to remind people that dropping the dog or cat off at the shelter isn’t really where the story ends.

Unveiling Animal And Human Cruelty In A Youtube Video

Youtube has been used as a means of self expression by many creative and passionate artists all across the world. It’s easy to create a quick upload to the channel and get it viewed by hundreds of millions of people in a very short amount of time. However staged the video obviously is, one thing is certain: It’s no mere comedy skit or prank. At the very end of this video, the viewer sees a very sad looking dog chained up at the side of a lonely looking road. The caption on the screen reads, “I am someone, not something.” It’s a powerful message that deserves to be heard – and heeded.

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