When This Solider Saw Two Hungry Boys Selling Homemade Desserts, He Did Something Wonderful

Robert Risdon is a deputy commander for the Airborne and Ranger Training Brigade and Jason Gibson is the head coach of the Columbus Lions. They went to Taco Bell one night after attending the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Alabama. Shortly after they left Taco Bell, they saw two children walking in the rain. The boys were trying to raise money for their church by selling baked goods.

Robert and Jason could tell that the boys were hungry. Robert decided to buy the boys dinner. He told the children that they could have whatever they wanted. Robert had no idea that the kind gestures were being recorded on camera by Jason.

The boys were grateful for what Robert did for them. One of the boys told Robert that he wanted to be just like the soldier when he grew up. Jason uploaded the video to his Facebook page. The video had the caption “Our troops are always taking care of us.”

The video has gone viral. It has been viewed over 1.4 million times since it was first posted. Jason stated that he was humbled by the situation. He also stated that he was honored to have a nine year-old boy show him appreciation.

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