When Their Bus Driver Passed Out Behind The Wheel, These Kids Did Something I Can’t Believe

When their substitute bus driver passed out behind the wheel of their school bus on a regular run in Milton, WA, a group of students each used quick thinking in order to not only rescue the driver from further harm, but also to safely stop the bus and prevent an accident.

It is not yet known why the bus driver passed out behind the wheel, but as soon as one of the young students on board the bus saw that the driver was no longer in control of the vehicle, he leapt up from his seat, grabbed the steering wheel and turned it gently to the right in order to get the bus safely to the side of the road they were traveling on. Then the student reached over to turn the key in the ignition to the off position so that the engine was stopped.

After the bus came completely to a stop and the engine was turned off, another quick thinking student stepped up and began giving the unconscious driver CPR.

It was obvious that the driver was in medical distress and having trouble breathing. The driver was taken to a nearby hospital where his condition is unknown, but he is alive and has a fighting chance, thanks to the heroism of some of the students who were riding his bus when his medical emergency occurred.

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