When She Walked Into Work This Day, She Could Never Have Guessed This Would Of Happened. OMG

It is never possible to determine just how profoundly a good-hearted person can bless the life of another. However, Don Thomas can look forward to a new lease on life because just such an act of kindness. Mr. Thomas is a long-time patron at the local Hooters Restaurant in Roswell, Georgia.

It was here that he recently came to know one of the lovely waitresses by the name of Mariana Tolentino. The young lady has stunning large brown eyes, proportionate facial features, and a broad heartwarming smile. It turns out that life for Mr. Thomas has become quite difficult following the loss of both of his kidneys due to cancer.

Little did he know that Ms. Tolentino lost her beloved grandmother recently due to end stage renal disease. There was really nothing the young lady could do for her “abuelita” other than to stand by her side while she slowly lost her life. So when Ms. Tolentino learned that Mr. Thomas lacked a kidney, she made the decision to offer him one of hers; he readily accepted her offer.

At this point, both Thomas and Tolentino are preparing for the surgery. She has a very faith-oriented viewpoint. She believes that even if Thomas lives for only two years on her kidney, it is worth it.

In addition, her act of kindness is a tribute to her grandmother. Ms. Tolentino also believes that she is merely displaying God’s great love for all of his children. One thing is for certain, if everyone had Ms. Tolentino’s selfless attitude, the world would truly be a better place.

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