When She Gets a Nice Relaxing Bath This Rescue Kitten Is In Seventh Heaven!

Many people enjoy a warm, relaxing bath. Taking a bath is even better on a cold day. Cats are self-cleaning animals, and they typically do not like water. However, some cats enjoy baths. One of those cats is a rescue kitten named Clover. Luna, who is Clover’s mom, rescued Clover when she was just six days old. Because Clover was just a kitten, Luna had to teach her a lot of things.

Luna had to teach Clover how to use the litter box and eat. She would make a mess of things, so Luna had to give her a bath. Luna thought that Clover would freak out when she put her in the tub. However, Clover ended up enjoying the bath. Luna decided to take a video of Clover in the tub and put it on online.

While many people have commented saying that the video was cute, others have criticized Luna. They stated that Luna should have not put Clover in the hot bath water.

However, Luna has defended her actions. She stated that the bath water was warm, but it was not too hot for the kitten. Luna also gently blow-dried Clover after taking her out of the tub.

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