When She Caught This Guy Molesting Her On A Plane, He NEVER Expected THIS To Happen

In many parts of the world, sexual assault is not always recognized as a crime. The women that live in these social classes suffer in silence. Once woman, traveling alone on a flight from Indigo chose to take a stand against her attacker.

In January 2015, a young lady was traveling alone on an Indigo flight. While on the flight, the man behind her put his hand in the cracks of the seats to touch her. At first she thought it was an accident, but while the plane was descending to land, the man did it to her again. In this instant, the young woman gave the man the humiliation deserved.

After the second groping, the young woman jumped up, facing her abuser. She turned on the camera to record the entire confrontation, screaming at the top of her lungs at him. The man continually apologized and begged her to stop the embarrassment. The young woman intentionally publicly humiliated her abuser, not just for herself, but on behalf of all women that suffer in silence.

Since the incident happened, the man is in custody of the authorities with charges pending. The young woman put the video of the confrontation on the internet, labeling her attacker for what he is.

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