When She Caught A Cop Doing This To An Old Man, She Never Thought THIS Would Happen

It was a hot, summer day in Fort Pierce and James was on his way home. He’s 80-years-old, and his transportation that day was a motorized scooter. Unfortunately, that scooter didn’t make the trip home. It died before he could make it.

When police officer Moises Costa saw James stranded, he did what he could to make sure James made it home safe – he pushed the old man’s scooter to James’ house with the man still sitting in it. On the way there, a passerby saw this kind act and filmed the happenstance for 15 seconds. The video went viral, gaining over 10,000 views in one day alone.

A few days later, Costa went to check on James who was grateful the officer helped him get home safe and sound.

The kind act wasn’t done by someone who’d seen this many times, however. Costa is still a rookie police officer. In an interview, though, he stated that it was these moments that made him want to join law enforcement in the first place. He wanted to help make his community a better place to live by helping individuals in the best way possible.

By helping James get home on that hot day, he certainly helped and made his community look a little brighter.

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