When She Called 911 To Order A Pizza, This Dispatcher Knew Something Was Very Wrong…

When someone wants to order a pizza, that person usually doesn’t dial 911. There are some instances when someone needs to come up with an excuse in order to make an emergency phone call. One woman called 911, and fortunately, the dispatcher was able to detect that something was going on when the woman claimed she wanted to place an order for a pizza.

Phone calls like this can often save the life of the person calling. When a woman contacted 911 about a pizza, the dispatcher told her that the line was only for emergencies. It was only when the dispatcher took the time to listen to the woman that made him realize that she was calling about an emergency situation.

The woman gives the address of her home to the dispatcher and remains calm through the first part of the call. She begins giving details just like what she would give if she were ordering a pizza. She asks how long it will be, and the dispatcher wants to know if there is an emergency or not. She says yes, and the dispatcher finally gets that she can’t talk freely and give information about the situation.

The dispatcher informed her that there was an officer about a mile away, but she was unable to stay on the phone. This is a lesson that everyone should learn as this was likely a domestic violence situation that could have ended differently if the woman hadn’t placed the call.

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