When Mommy Places The Family Dog With Her Cute Twins The Best Thing Ever Happens!

Mounting stresses of everyday life seems to permeate into our personalities. Left unchecked, this can have an adverse effect on not only our relationships but our physical health. Now is the time to be proactive before the hustle and bustle manifests itself into adverse effects. According to the Mayo Clinic, compelling evidence is coming forth that laughter can not only negate but reverse the damage that stress causes in our lives.


Infants remind us of the innocence we all experienced in our lives. With a twinkle in their eyes, the warmth of a newborn radiates for all to see. The emotions that readily play on their faces accurately portray how they are feeling. Now take twin toddlers and mix in the loyal family dog. In this instance, an energetic Pomeranian is placed with them on the floor of an inflatable pool. Add the passion for his favorite treat and the scene is set for merriment.


The perky pet acts like if it dances just a little bit more then the morsel will be his to eat. While this plays out, first one and then the other child start to chuckle. Sensing approval, our Pomeranian is spurred on to greater heights in its leaping. Smiles break out as the children not only follow the pooch but try to clap. The mother joins in the act as laughter is contagious and this causes her to lower the snack.

In and Out

Squeals of delight now arise from the tots as the dog decides to up his act. Jumping in and out of the pool is his hope in trying to tempt the treat out of the owner’s hand. Back and forth the twins rock barely being able to control themselves. They are enjoying the dog’s antics to the delight of onlookers everywhere. Finally, the dog hops out of the pool and the video goes to black.

Impromptu acts cause waves of giggles to emit from the viewers. After the video concluded, smiles were wide and more than one jaw was a little sore from laughing so hard. Our mood was improved by less than a minute of laughter. After watching this, no one needs a college study to inform us of the benefits of merriment. Some of the best things in life are free as this video so amply proved to us all.