When I Found Out Why They Recreated The Same Picture 16 Years Later, I Cried My Eyes Out..

When I Found Out Why They Recreated The Same Picture 16 Years Later, I Cried My Eyes Out..

Our pets are a part of our family, but unfortunately, they do not live nearly as long as we would like them to. As their family, it is our responsibility to ensure that their lives are filled with happiness and that we honor their memory once they have departed.

The Dobbie family, from Adelaide, Australia, did something extremely touching to honor their deceased dog, and it has people all over the internet in tears.

The Dobbie’s jack russel terrier, Tigger, was 16 years old and they had just received word that he was getting pretty sick. Because they spent so much time with him over the years and created many memories with him, they decided that they needed to do something extremely special in order to honor him.

Louise Dobbie told Good Morning America that she and her sisters were sitting next to each other sharing photos of themselves and Tigger as they waited for the vet to come to their home to put the dog down. She said that they came across one particular photo that they had not seen in about 7 years, so her sister, Samantha, suggested that they re-create the photo so they would have one last photo of Tigger to add to their collection.

Louise said that she and her sisters immediately started searching for the perfect outfits to wear to re-create the photo, and they enjoyed creating one last happy memory with Tigger.

They finished taking the photo one hour before Tigger was put to rest, and the family felt that it perfectly captured what their relationship with Tigger was like.

Louise admitted that they had taken a better photo of Tigger before his death, but they believed the re-created photo captured what his relationship with them was like because it showed the happiness and joy he brought into their lives.

Louise also said that she and her family are so thankful that Tigger’s story has touched so many people. They feel that their viral photos are their dog’s way of telling them he is ok.

The family posted their photos to Imgur and, in just a few days, the post has already reached 1.6 million people.

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