When Her Son Wanted A Transformers Cake For His Birthday, Mom Delivers BIG (VIDEO)

When a child wants a specific cake for a birthday, most parents will do what they can to procure a giraffe or a dinosaur shaped cake. But one child wanted a Transformers cake for his sixth birthday, specifically: Optimus Prime.

The father used a computer to build a 3D structure from metal, and the mom showed off how well she could bake by whipping up a delicious looking dessert. The surprises didn’t end simply with the cake, there was something else for the little boy.

His mother lit the candles on the cake, and the boy blew them out. When the boy pushed a button on the tire of the cake, it started talking in the voice of Optimus Prime. Next, the cake began folding up so that it looked like a Transformer. Each section of the cake moved so that it resembled what you would see in the cartoon or movie.

This took a lot of careful planning, coordination, and creativity, but the little boy got the surprise he dreamed of. These parents went above and beyond to make sure their little man’s sixth was a very special one.

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