When He Told His Dog He’s Making Potatoes For Dinner, I Never Imagined Him To Respond Like THIS

There is a video that is circulating online about a man and his Husky, that warms the hearts of those who love dogs. Mishka is a Husky who has been taught how to talk by her owner. She can be picky, and when it comes to her food, she’s not afraid to let her owner know what she wants.

The father tries to get his son to help make dinner one night, and asks him if he would like to help make potatoes. The boy doesn’t seem the least bit interested in making dinner, but Mishka has other views … Psychologists have chimed in on dogs making words. They often mimic the words and sounds that they hear so that it sounds like they are talking to their owners.

If the dog does sound like he’s saying “I Love You”, it’s probably so that the dog can get petted. In the video, Mishka and the other Husky in the home are sitting on the couch. You can hear the boy’s mother calling his name as he runs down the hall.

He tells his father he doesn’t want potatoes. The dog’s ears perk up as she is listening. The father asks Mishka if she wants potatoes and it sounds like she says she wants them. Check it out, and let us know what you think of this vocal pup!

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