When He Stands In Front Of 8 Horses, No One Expects THIS When He Turns Around, INCREDIBLE!

Horses are majestic animals. They are sometimes seen in shows performing daring feats and participating in athletic events. One man performs a show where he stood in front of eight horses during the 2011 Stockholm Horse Show. This man’s ability to work with horses is amazing! The horses are owned by a man named Lorenzo.

His performances leave nothing to be desired and are beautiful and showcase just how amazing the animals are. Lorenzo uses dressage that is commonly seen in Hungary as he rides one of the horses, and throughout the show jumps over a display of four pairs. Lorenzo is calm and levelheaded and communicates with his animals isn a very connective way.

During the shows, the horses follow Lorenzo without any kind of instruction and without any type of leads on. There isn’t a whip used to discipline the horses or to get them into the design that he wants to show the audience, only Lorenzo’s arms arearms used to signal to the horses to do what he wants them to do.

The end result is a beautiful display of running and bowing that can be seen on video. Check it out and witness the majesty of Lorenzo and his herd!

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