When He Dialed 911 For Help, Not Even The Operator Was Ready For Why He Called. WOW!

When He Dialed 911 For Help, Not Even The Operator Was Ready For Why He Called. WOW!

Children are taught to call someone who can help when they have a problem, and in this video, that is exactly what this 4-year old child did. However, the issue at hand was math homework.

Luckily for this child, the officer who answered the emergency call decided to help him out. Initially, the officer was going to send a patrol officer to the house to help the child do his homework, and likely make sure that the child was not home alone; however, the child quickly shot down that idea. Instead, the 4 year-old stated that he wanted the officer on the phone to help him out now. The officer agreed.

After asking for a question, the officer went on to help the child work through the problem. He even asked for another question so he could continue with his non-traditional, over-the-phone math tutoring session. Soon after, the mother of the child came into the room and asked the child what he was doing. The child stated that he needed some help, and he was doing what she had always told him, “Call someone when you need help.” The mother told the child she did not mean the police. The officer began chuckling a bit as he explained to a co-worker that the mother had entered the room with the child. The phone call ended immediately.

This officer helped a young boy do his homework, but most importantly, he reinforced that police will help you if needed. This experience will enforce that in the 4 year-old’s mind as he grows older. If he ever faces a serious situation, he can trust that an officer will help him, just like this officer did with his math homework.

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