When Father Sees Video of Daughter’s Birth He Realizes Just How Influential His Voice Is

Michael Jr. is a Christian comedian who has spent his life trying to make audiences laugh. His does have a favorite audience, however, and it is his infant daughter. He began making her smile just minutes after she was born. In a video of her birth she started crying furiously and he calmly told her that he loved her.

At once, she stopped crying and opened her eyes. He didn’t realize how profound his influence was until after he watched the video of the scene. Seeing her open his eyes to look at him was an especially powerful moment.

Because he is used to drawing spiritual lessons from ordinary events, it’s no wonder he decided to turn this extraordinary event into a sermon illustration. He noted that “all people are like his daughter, having moments of misery and discomfort. At those times, we have to listen for the Father’s voice – God’s voice”.

He said that the Father’s message is the same as his own message to his daughter: one of love. We just have to open our eyes and realize how loved we are.

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