What This Dog Does When He Finds the Baby Sitter Abusing His Human Baby Brother? WOW!

Most dogs are protective of the members of the family, especially the children. This family pet did something surprising when the babysitter started abusing the baby.

A couple in South Carolina decided to hire a young woman to watch over their son while they were at work. The baby was only seven months old. Before hiring the woman, the couple did a background check and looked at references. They thought that she was a responsible woman who would provide the care that the baby needed.

Soon, they saw that the dog began watching over the baby more than before. The dog would be more protective of the baby when the sitter was in the home. This was something odd, so they decided to pay a little more attention to what the sitter was doing with the baby.

When the couple was at work one day, they left an iPhone under the couch so that they could hear if anything was done by the sitter that shouldn’t take place. They listened to sounds of horror later in the day. The sitter could be heard cussing at the baby, and there were sounds of slapping and yelling. If it weren’t for the actions of the dog in trying to protect the baby, the couple might not have known anything was wrong until it was too late.

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