What Happens When You Put A Molten Hot Metal Ball On Top Of A Hockey Puck? I Can Watch This all Day

Anyone who has ever been hit by a hockey puck will tell you that they are very hard. Many people wonder whether a hockey puck will be able to survive a red hot nickel ball. Gak and the jawbreaker, which were both considered indestructible, succumbed to the red hot nickel ball.

A hockey ball was recently placed on a red hot nickel ball for about two minutes. It only had a small hole after it was taken off the red hot nickel ball. The reason that hockey balls are so durable is because they are made out of volcanized rubber.

Volcanized rubber is rubber that has combined with sulfur and heat to increase its durability and strength. Because of its durability and strength, it is used to make a lot of things. Volcanized rubber is used to make bowling balls. It is also used to make mouth pieces for wind instruments.

The video of the hockey puck being put to the test has gone viral on the Internet. It has already received over 36,166 shares. It has also received over 1.4 million views on YouTube. However, people are advised not to place their hockey balls on hot metal. This can be very dangerous.

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