What Happens When Pit Bull Meets The Man Who Rescued Him Had My Wife In Tears All Day. AWW!

In a sign of just how eager dogs are to love humans, one animal rescuer is video filmed at the dog clinic as he checks up on a pit bull puppy he recently rescued.

The pup had been receiving care at the clinic and ample time had elapsed for it to forget the man. After all, the point at which is dog is rescued from off the streets is often an emotionally trying time with many of the rescues suffering from lack of food, water, and shelter. Nor are they in a proper state of mind. However, this puppy’s response to the rescuer indicated that it not only remember him, but couldn’t stop pouring affection upon him as if in gratitude for his kindness.

The small pup began laying some big kisses on the man as it wagged it tail about. It frequently nestled its head in his bosom as if sniffed his scent. The pup then stood up on the table and leaned against him at which time the man picked it up into his arms. All the while, the dog does not cease displaying its fondness for the man. The attendants in the clinic are overhead expressing their amazement at how well the dog is reacting to the man.

The workers acknowledged that the puppy plays with them, but the level of joy it displayed as it played with the man was beyond anything it had done with them. It was quite obvious that the puppy considered itself bonded with the man as if part of a pack.

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