What Happens When A Baby Penguin Runs Toward This Stranger Is The Cutest Thing You’ll See Today

The adorable baby penguin in this video is sure to make your heart melt, as he runs up to a man while making loud squawking sounds. He’s obviously begging to be petted, and when the man rubs him on the head and his wishes are met he relaxes into a state of bliss-filled silence.

Most baby penguins have a seemingly topsy-turvy youth, as the mother penguin leaves as soon as she lays the egg. She’s gone for about two weeks getting nourishment for herself, and then she comes back to take her turn watching the egg.

This means that father penguin leaves to go get food for himself, and he’s then gone for a few weeks. When he gets back and the egg hatches, the baby has a short amount of time with both of his parents. He makes loud noises which allow them to get to know his voice, and after a little bit they decide he can fend for himself well enough.

All the parents then leave the chicks in a group together while they go search for food, eventually returning with dinner for the little ones. But despite all these absences, the baby and his parents can recognize one another and have a strong bond.

Since this little fellow evidently isn’t living in the wild, his life has probably been quite a bit different than that of his peers. However it seems that he was able to find the affection he wanted from a slightly different source, at least here on this occasion.

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