What Could Happen If Trump Refuses To Concede Election

What Could Happen If Trump Refuses To Concede Election

Donald Trump’s new campaign slogan is “the election is rigged.” Trump continues to fire up his supporters at campaign rallies by claiming that the election is rigged in favor of Democrats and Hillary Clinton.

Trump also has stated that he may not accept the results if he loses and may not concede the election. If Trump does not concede the election, it will mark the first time in American history that there is not a peaceful transition of power. So, what happens if Trump does not concede the election?

Well, Donald Trump and his supporters could band together and form a new party or a new country. There might also be a real danger that violence could erupt and Trump supporters could start to riot. Trump is well-known for asking his supporters to knock people out that do not agree with every word he says. Trump will pick up the legal tabs for his supporters that run around knocking people out.

If Trump does not concede, he could be delegitimizing the entire United States and the Constitution. The question remains, “Should most Americans be worried if Donald Trump gets elected President of the United States?” The answer is they should have been worried 15 months ago when he announced that he would run for President.

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