What 8 Common Animals Would Look Like If Their Eyes Were In Front Like Humans

What 8 Common Animals Would Look Like If Their Eyes Were In Front Like Humans

Humans are somewhat unique among animals due to our eye placement. While having eyes directly in the middle of your face makes sense for humans who need to focus on items, many animals have a far different eye arrangement. For animals who need to be able to find food while keeping an eye out for potential predators, having an eye on either side of their head is a better choice.

Though it keeps them from being able to look at items straight ahead, this eye arrangement allows them to see more of the world at once. We may think it is more logical to have eyes in the middle of your face, but when you actually see an animals with eyes in the front, it looks rather strange. These clever photoshops show just how bizarre animals would seem with eyes at the front of their faces.

Instead of seeming fluffy and cute, this deer actually looks a little creepy. It turns out that soft, big, doe eyes are far less appealing in this arrangement. The forward facing eyes make it look like it is glaring straight at you.

Somehow, a shark actually seems less scary with eyes facing forward. Instead of looking like a soulless killer of the deep, it just seems goofy and slightly dumb.

The bunny may be the only animal who does not seem a little scary or silly with a new eye arrangement. That fluffy tail and those long floppy ears keep it looking cute.

With an odd eye arrangement, this rooster looks more like a claymation bird from Chicken Run instead of an actual animal. It actually does not look as bizarre as some of these other creatures.

Unlike the rooster, pigeons definitely look strange with forward facing eyes. It probably looks even sillier because it is somehow just a tiny bit cross eyed.

Dolphins no longer look cute and friendly when their eyes are moved just a few inches closer. This seagoing mammal manages to look both ominous and cheerful with close-together eyes.

I never realized just how huge and dark giraffe’s eyes were until I saw this image. It looks a little bit like it’s trying to peer into my soul when both eyes are pointed directly at me.

It might just be because goats already have strange eyes with rectangular shaped pupils, but I think this one is the creepiest of them all. That little smile with the staring eyes would send me running if I saw it in a petting zoo.

What animals would look like if they had eyes at the front

All of these pictures are a fantastic blend of funny and bizarre, and they really show how weird animals can be made with a few minor changes. Which animal do you think looks the strangest with its eyes moved just a tiny bit closer?

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