WATCH: Woman Notices Underdressed Teen Freezing On The Streets . Her Reaction? Unimaginable

One teenager named Kinley remains very grateful that Felicia Glover acted as a Good Samaritan when she found herself in distress. You never know when you’re going to need a helping hand.

Kinley joined a friend at a concert  in a busy urban area. She wore a tank top, and foolishly neglected to bring along a sweater or coat. After the concert was over, Kinley became separated from her companion. Much to her distress, she discovered herself without a wallet, cell phone or available transportation home. With few other options, she decided to wait beside a bus stop.

Coming out of a restaurant across the street, Felicia Glover observed the teen at 11:30 asking directions from strangers. The temperature had fallen to a nippy 21 degrees. Felicia became concerned for the teenager’s welfare. So she took off her own coat and put it on Kinley. She made certain that Kinley caught the correct bus to arrive home. She even asked the bus driver to accept the teen as a passenger and make sure she got to the right place.

Later, overcome with gratitude, the teen realized she had not even returned Felicia’s coat. She used Facebook to locate Felicia and the pair shared a meal together. Kinley thanked Felicia profusely for her kindness. The inspiring good deed sparked a warm and respectful friendship.

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