Watch What She Does Seconds After Holding This Tiny Runt For The First Time

Anyone who has older siblings probably knows what it is like to be picked on and pushed around by people who are bigger. This same type of thing can happen in the animal kingdom. Claude and Adele Bisson have been breeders for a long time, and they have seen siblings pick on the smaller one. However, they were worried about one particular pup.

They named the pup Lilly Blossom. She was a lot smaller than her siblings. She had also been rejected by her mother. The Bissons knew that they had to act fast because Lilly was not able to eat on her own.

Adele came up with a very creative way to feed Lilly. First, she placed a scrunchy over the puppy’s head. After that, she wrapped the puppy in a cloth. She then dipped a small piece of a sponge in the milk and fed the puppy. Lilly is growing and someday, she will be able to run around and play with her siblings.

Adele and Claude Bisson live in Ontario and have a breeding company called Fur Kids Resort and Spa. They specialize in breeding Biewer Terriers and Yorkshire Terriers. People from all over the world come to Fur Kids Resort to get a puppy.

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