WATCH: What Rod Stewart Is Caught On Hidden Camera Doing Has Me Smiling Ear To Ear

At age 70, singer Rod Stewart remains the consummate performer and entertainer. In terms of a catalog of hit songs and raw sex appeal, Stewart may well be the closest thing a person will have to experience an Elvis Presley-like concert. This is what made the carpool karaoke scene with fellow Englishman James Corden all the more special. Corden is the host of the late night talk show “The Late Late Show”.

The segment beings with Stewart riding shotgun with Corden at the wheel. As the two chit chat, Cordon asks Stewart what was his most notable “rocker” moment. Stewart, who is a noted for his humble demeanor, mused that there were simply too many such experiences to select just one. That said, he spoke highly of his days in the 60s rock group Small Faces. When Corden asked him what was notable about their “rocker” experiences, Stewart said it was because of all the “drinking and shagging” the group enjoyed.

In fact, Stewart pointed out that the stereotypical rock band trashing out hotel rooms was actually an oddity back in the day. Besides his rock group, the only other group he knew that was trashing out hotel rooms and tossing TVs out the window was The Who. Stewart wryly stated that at one point Small Faces was banned from taking up lodging in any Holiday Inn hotel. To get around that restriction, the band would check-in as Fleetwood Mac. During Small Faces concerts, the band would invite attendees to an after-concert party at the Holiday Inn. Watch the video and see Stewart and Corden sing some of the rocker’s classic tunes.

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