Watch This Guy Put 7 Ikea Kitchen Cabinets In His Kids Bedroom. What He Transforms It Into? WOW

Platform beds are hip pieces of furniture that can useful in a number of different ways. Not only can you sleep comfortably, and not only does it look cool, but the extra space it creates can be used for a number of alternatives that you can empkloy.

Purchasing a top end platform bed from stores like Macy’s or JC Penny can cost upwards of $800. But that’s absurd. You can make your own, custom platform bed for half the cost. It will definitely be a little more work, but a man named Chris Heider shows us how it cane be done. in this short video. Heider obviously knows his way around a tool-shed, and this project will require some very simple skill in woodworking and construction. But, Chris Heider has shown that it’s clearly possible to build a custom made platform bed with cheap materials. In fact, he used 7 cabinets from Ikea for the base…

Chris Heider illustrates for viewers how to complete the process step-by-step. He says it’s not that difficult, and that all you need is Ikea cabinets and some wood framing. Since the job is custom, you can add your own personal flair to your platform bed. Maybe you want a cell phone docking station, a reading lamp, or something different entirely – since your the one bulding it, you get to decide what it includes and how it looks.

Some were skeptical of the strength of Heider’s platform bed, so he tested the bed out using three large adults and two dogs. He says the bed did not sag at all, it’s really quite sturdy. But, Heider did say it’s necessary to screw the back of the platform bed to several strong wooden beams in a wall.

Once, the bed is fastened to a wall, it will be much more reliable This do it yourself project is perfect for anyone that has ever wanted to build a platform bed. Heider’s detailed instructions are the only guidance that you will need. The entire project should cost you no more than $500. And why not do it yourself, and make a perfect custom bed just for you? Check out the video.

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